100 payday loan direct lenders -Online payday loans direct lenders to $4600

Online payday loans direct lenders from $300 to $4600


Once you run out of money and you want to buy something, or you have to pay a bill quickly, you may want to borrow money urgently. Then you have to find out our online payday loans for bad credit.

But luckily this is possible and you can even go for an emergency loan on Saturday evenings. Please note that if you send documents that are requested quickly, your application will be viewed faster and approved if applicable. What you can borrow maximum and which conditions you must meet are explained below. And perhaps even more importantly, where can you request this and which documents do you need to provide?

For borrowing without a BKR assessment you are dependent on a relatively small amount of a maximum of 800 euros. It works completely differently than a regular credit such as a personal loan. Firstly, the maximum amount is lower, secondly, there is no credit check in Tiel and, thirdly, you also have a good chance that your application will be approved for lower monthly income.

The conditions


The conditions are as follows. You have a regular income of at least 900 euros net per month, you live in the Netherlands, you have your own bank account and a mobile phone. Do you have other loans in progress or do you have a negative registration with the bkr, this does not affect your application, even orders from mail order companies are not included in the application process. As long as you meet the basic conditions, you can already successfully borrow a small amount.

How does it work exactly?


You fill in the questionnaire online and it will be viewed. If the lender finds that you meet the conditions, you must make a test payment of 1 cent with iDeal. This is to check that the account number you entered is correct and that the loan does not end up on someone else’s account by accident. This all happens fairly quickly (within a few minutes), you can complete the same day, when your test payment of 1 cent is verified, full payment will be made and you have the money the same day or the day after on your account stand. Choose when applying for 15 days, 30 days, or refund in 45 days, you can determine this yourself.

No difficult contracts

Unlike other loans, you are not faced with difficult contracts that you must complete. The majority of your application is handled online, but it is possible that additional information is requested. If this is the case, you can photograph the documents you have to send with your mobile phone and send them directly by email.


Borrowing money does of course cost money and in this case too you should check for yourself whether you really want to take out a loan. If you don’t really need the loan, or if it is something that can wait, it might be better to postpone it for a while, or to save some money. Read more about this subject on the Nibud website, here you will find all sorts of useful tools that can help you determine your choice.


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